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Been havin a rough tym lately, been sick an im nt gettin ne betta, jst a tiny bit, bt hav 2 go bak 2 doctor 2day.
I betta do sum work,  oh well, we  all knw im nt gonna, thatz the last thing i wanna do or im gonna do.
neway. mi book that im writing is gettin there, slowly bt surely, it wil. havent written in a few days, bt wil write more 2nyt if i gt a chance, been so busi wil skewl work an sorting out probz, u knw, guy probz, skewl probz, all those. we all hav them. btw, i knw Indigo, u gonna read this, an yes im finally puttin sumthin up bt i hav been busi, so shoo  :P love ya 2.  

im readin a book at the moment, realli gud book cant think of the title ryt nw, mi minds gone blank. bt i realli lyk the description of the 1 guy, Kenny, he sounds realli hot. lol :) wil prob finish it 2nyt.
bt wat i cant wait 4 is the next Stephenie Meyer book, i love her 3 novels, Twilight, Eclipse, New Moon, i love all of them, theyre absolutely fantastic..
so if ne1 knw ne books that r similar 2 those, then plz let me knw. 

Gettin fed up wit skewl 2, 2 many essays, presentations, 2 much of everythin, i dnt think the teachas actualli realise how much work theyre givin us, they jst pile it on lyk itz nothin. itz so irritatin.


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