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So i have been really busy lately and everyone has been hijacking the laptop at home so i haven't been able to get on there for long, just to check my mail and to reply to some messages. Also i haven't been at school much because of my allergies, well atleast that's what i think it is, so my teachers are probably going to have a go at me for that, so because i haven't been at school, couldn't use the computers at the library, though coming into school today, so i'm sitting here during my lunch break typing, cause i was at an appointment earlier on, so missed my one lesson, though i'm going to go to my maths lesson (blegh) and also my computers lesson which is last lesson, which isn't too bad as Mr. Rooke normally let's us go like 15 minutes early anyway. 

Besides all of that, nothing much has been happening as far as writing my book is going, yes, yes, i can just hear Indy saying "Well how in the heck am i going to read it before i leave to go to Australia" i'll try my best indy, if not, when i come over there to teach you how to surf, ill bring it with me lol.

Really not in the mood to go to maths, he's going to have a go at me for not showing him my work so he can mark it, though me and Indy never show him our work, we do the work while listening to music, lol, especially Fallout Boy and Blink 182. Well it's not like he minds us listening to it anyway, as long as we stop it when he talks.

i'm so bummed, i really wanted to go to this thing for my friend, though i can't cause i might be going up to London cause it's my parents wedding anniversary. So really bummed about that.

Anyway, will write again soon hopefully


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