June 5th, 2008


(no subject)

 Yeah, Yeah,  i know. 
Don't murder me. I have a good excuse.....okay, no i don't, i got nothing. So we just going to go with the fact that i have been busy, yup, that works good, exams, that's even better, been studying for exams.
Okay, so not much has been happening lately, but thought i should post something before Indy murders me =P which i know she is thinking about doing.
It was so nice yesterday, went with mom to have some tests done, walked to the place, and ended up getting sunburnt which is really sore. Stupid bloody sun....=(
Got exams starting on monday, which isn't too bad, just not looking to forward to the spanish oral, got to learn it by heart and guess what? i completely suck at spanish, i really do. 
What else can i say, oh yeah, Indy might be staying longer =) YAY!! Does the happy dance. lol, yeah i know i'm crazy.
She also gave me The Host to read, and i still haven't gotten a chance to start it. *Avoids books thrown at her from Indy and EmoAngel* i'll get there, give me a chance i have been really busy *Studying* (Writing Fan Fiction) which you might read Indy, but you will probably go crazy when you find out who i wrote it about, no, not Dougie, don't worry, it's someone else =)
That's  all for now.