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 Well, today is  good day because  i have three lessons off, i have first lesson, then i hav second lesson off, third lesson i have psychology, then break, and my envirnomental systems isn't in today, so i also have fourth lesson off, and then also my english teacher isn't in, so i have fifth lesson off too. so i can go home early, and maybe write some more of my book. 

I have enjoyed the weather so much these last couple of days, it's been so nice and hot, i have missed this weather so much. Now, i have stopped complaining about the cold weather though my friends are now complaining about the hot weather lol, it's not that bad. Though my one friend Owain, he's so lucky, he has a tan all year round, so unfair, i have only been here for a couple of months and i have lost my tan already =( it's really quite unfair.

Besides all of that, i  get to talk to one of the best bass guitar players ever. Dougie Poynter from McFly, he's on my facebook, and it really is the proper one. Same as i also have Harry Judd. Okay, so McFly is definately not one of the bands i normally listen to, i'm more into my rock music and stuff, but when i moved here, i started listening to them and they actually really good. .Onto the other subject of the fake guys who put all their information as the same as the celebs just to make friends and stuff, i think those people are so sad and really need to get a life. Like this one guy, he had an account of Danny Jones from McFly, and he had everyone going,  but he made one mistake, Danny's real  birthday is on the 12 May, and he put his birthday as the 7 may. I mean that's definately the one thing people are going to look at.

Anyway, that's all from me today. Write again soon.


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