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 Yeah, Yeah, i'm still alive and i know i haven't pasted anything in ages, i have been really busy with school work, but i promise i will start posting more from now on.
So these 2 weeks hav been pretty hectic. Haven't been feeling to good, secrets coming out and also i find out that my best friend is leaving to move to Sydney in August =( Don't know what I'm going to do without her.
Besides that i just haven't had a chance to come on and write anything remotely interesting. 
I have been reading quite a lot of fan - fiction lately, on this website, deviantart. It's really good, it has litereature and people's art that they have posted on there.  
So maybe someone can answer this question for me, why is it that people lie just because they trying to protect you from the truth, they gettin you to believe something that isn't true, it justs really gets to me, i hate peope who can't just be honest. 
Anyway, off that subject now. So i just found out that i have to redo the year I'm in now, cause i came late, i immigrated and then i started at this school, and now i have to redo the year cause my teacher doesn't think I'm going to pass the exams. 
Oh, by the way, i have just started typing properly for my friend, yes, just for you italics =) and I'm also posting something because she is siiting right next  to me at the next computer bugging me about it. Grrrr.  
I think that's all for now, nothing else that could be of any real interest to you. 
Except for the part where i am finally on the third chapter of my book, i'm on about 16 pages now, I'm slowly but surely getting there.




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