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This love was just a game
One I was destined to lose
Kind of hard not to
Since you were cheating
I feel so lost
Before I gave my heart to you
Now I realise you stole it
I can't help but think of you
Even after everything you've done
Mostly thinking of what you put me through
The lies...
The pain...
The tears...
The charade...
You used to take my breath away
Now you only cloud my mind
I keep screaming at myself
For believing...
For trusting...
For loving you...
I wish you'd just fade away
Like words drawn in the sand
Let the waves of time
Wash you from my soul 

i absolutely love this, it is so good, i mean yeah it is depressing in a way, but it describes how i felt when I found out that my ex boyfriend was cheating on me, it is really really good.

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