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 Yeah, Yeah,  i know. 
Don't murder me. I have a good excuse.....okay, no i don't, i got nothing. So we just going to go with the fact that i have been busy, yup, that works good, exams, that's even better, been studying for exams.
Okay, so not much has been happening lately, but thought i should post something before Indy murders me =P which i know she is thinking about doing.
It was so nice yesterday, went with mom to have some tests done, walked to the place, and ended up getting sunburnt which is really sore. Stupid bloody sun....=(
Got exams starting on monday, which isn't too bad, just not looking to forward to the spanish oral, got to learn it by heart and guess what? i completely suck at spanish, i really do. 
What else can i say, oh yeah, Indy might be staying longer =) YAY!! Does the happy dance. lol, yeah i know i'm crazy.
She also gave me The Host to read, and i still haven't gotten a chance to start it. *Avoids books thrown at her from Indy and EmoAngel* i'll get there, give me a chance i have been really busy *Studying* (Writing Fan Fiction) which you might read Indy, but you will probably go crazy when you find out who i wrote it about, no, not Dougie, don't worry, it's someone else =)
That's  all for now.

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So i have been really busy lately and everyone has been hijacking the laptop at home so i haven't been able to get on there for long, just to check my mail and to reply to some messages. Also i haven't been at school much because of my allergies, well atleast that's what i think it is, so my teachers are probably going to have a go at me for that, so because i haven't been at school, couldn't use the computers at the library, though coming into school today, so i'm sitting here during my lunch break typing, cause i was at an appointment earlier on, so missed my one lesson, though i'm going to go to my maths lesson (blegh) and also my computers lesson which is last lesson, which isn't too bad as Mr. Rooke normally let's us go like 15 minutes early anyway. 

Besides all of that, nothing much has been happening as far as writing my book is going, yes, yes, i can just hear Indy saying "Well how in the heck am i going to read it before i leave to go to Australia" i'll try my best indy, if not, when i come over there to teach you how to surf, ill bring it with me lol.

Really not in the mood to go to maths, he's going to have a go at me for not showing him my work so he can mark it, though me and Indy never show him our work, we do the work while listening to music, lol, especially Fallout Boy and Blink 182. Well it's not like he minds us listening to it anyway, as long as we stop it when he talks.

i'm so bummed, i really wanted to go to this thing for my friend, though i can't cause i might be going up to London cause it's my parents wedding anniversary. So really bummed about that.

Anyway, will write again soon hopefully


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 Well, today is  good day because  i have three lessons off, i have first lesson, then i hav second lesson off, third lesson i have psychology, then break, and my envirnomental systems isn't in today, so i also have fourth lesson off, and then also my english teacher isn't in, so i have fifth lesson off too. so i can go home early, and maybe write some more of my book. 

I have enjoyed the weather so much these last couple of days, it's been so nice and hot, i have missed this weather so much. Now, i have stopped complaining about the cold weather though my friends are now complaining about the hot weather lol, it's not that bad. Though my one friend Owain, he's so lucky, he has a tan all year round, so unfair, i have only been here for a couple of months and i have lost my tan already =( it's really quite unfair.

Besides all of that, i  get to talk to one of the best bass guitar players ever. Dougie Poynter from McFly, he's on my facebook, and it really is the proper one. Same as i also have Harry Judd. Okay, so McFly is definately not one of the bands i normally listen to, i'm more into my rock music and stuff, but when i moved here, i started listening to them and they actually really good. .Onto the other subject of the fake guys who put all their information as the same as the celebs just to make friends and stuff, i think those people are so sad and really need to get a life. Like this one guy, he had an account of Danny Jones from McFly, and he had everyone going,  but he made one mistake, Danny's real  birthday is on the 12 May, and he put his birthday as the 7 may. I mean that's definately the one thing people are going to look at.

Anyway, that's all from me today. Write again soon.

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Okay, well first of all, i would just like to say that i should actually be in a lesson now, but i missed my bus, so it's not actually my fault. It's my mom's birthday today, and i was going to stay at home with her and spend the day with her, though she decided that i should rather go to school... Great hey?

But anyway, on a much sadder note, someone that i know, someone really close to me, he means a lot to me, his father is in the hospital and the doctor's don't know what's wrong with him. It just upsetting cause he's back in South Africa where i used to live and now I'm here, on the other side of the world and i can't be  with him, or go with him to see his dad. I really wish this was the time i could go back, even if it's just for a couple of weeks. It wouldn't be to go out with all my other friends, it would be spend time with him and his dad. 

But, besides all that. Nothing much is happening in my life right now.

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 Yeah, Yeah, i'm still alive and i know i haven't pasted anything in ages, i have been really busy with school work, but i promise i will start posting more from now on.
So these 2 weeks hav been pretty hectic. Haven't been feeling to good, secrets coming out and also i find out that my best friend is leaving to move to Sydney in August =( Don't know what I'm going to do without her.
Besides that i just haven't had a chance to come on and write anything remotely interesting. 
I have been reading quite a lot of fan - fiction lately, on this website, deviantart. It's really good, it has litereature and people's art that they have posted on there.  
So maybe someone can answer this question for me, why is it that people lie just because they trying to protect you from the truth, they gettin you to believe something that isn't true, it justs really gets to me, i hate peope who can't just be honest. 
Anyway, off that subject now. So i just found out that i have to redo the year I'm in now, cause i came late, i immigrated and then i started at this school, and now i have to redo the year cause my teacher doesn't think I'm going to pass the exams. 
Oh, by the way, i have just started typing properly for my friend, yes, just for you italics =) and I'm also posting something because she is siiting right next  to me at the next computer bugging me about it. Grrrr.  
I think that's all for now, nothing else that could be of any real interest to you. 
Except for the part where i am finally on the third chapter of my book, i'm on about 16 pages now, I'm slowly but surely getting there.



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This love was just a game
One I was destined to lose
Kind of hard not to
Since you were cheating
I feel so lost
Before I gave my heart to you
Now I realise you stole it
I can't help but think of you
Even after everything you've done
Mostly thinking of what you put me through
The lies...
The pain...
The tears...
The charade...
You used to take my breath away
Now you only cloud my mind
I keep screaming at myself
For believing...
For trusting...
For loving you...
I wish you'd just fade away
Like words drawn in the sand
Let the waves of time
Wash you from my soul 

i absolutely love this, it is so good, i mean yeah it is depressing in a way, but it describes how i felt when I found out that my ex boyfriend was cheating on me, it is really really good.
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Been havin a rough tym lately, been sick an im nt gettin ne betta, jst a tiny bit, bt hav 2 go bak 2 doctor 2day.
I betta do sum work,  oh well, we  all knw im nt gonna, thatz the last thing i wanna do or im gonna do.
neway. mi book that im writing is gettin there, slowly bt surely, it wil. havent written in a few days, bt wil write more 2nyt if i gt a chance, been so busi wil skewl work an sorting out probz, u knw, guy probz, skewl probz, all those. we all hav them. btw, i knw Indigo, u gonna read this, an yes im finally puttin sumthin up bt i hav been busi, so shoo  :P love ya 2.  

im readin a book at the moment, realli gud book cant think of the title ryt nw, mi minds gone blank. bt i realli lyk the description of the 1 guy, Kenny, he sounds realli hot. lol :) wil prob finish it 2nyt.
bt wat i cant wait 4 is the next Stephenie Meyer book, i love her 3 novels, Twilight, Eclipse, New Moon, i love all of them, theyre absolutely fantastic..
so if ne1 knw ne books that r similar 2 those, then plz let me knw. 

Gettin fed up wit skewl 2, 2 many essays, presentations, 2 much of everythin, i dnt think the teachas actualli realise how much work theyre givin us, they jst pile it on lyk itz nothin. itz so irritatin.

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Found this on a website, called deviant art. realli cool website, was made up by a guy,  i think its realli gud. Enjoy!!

I could really get used to this. Waking up to see the face of the man I love every morning.

His arms were wrapped around my petite waist pulling me to him. I loved that he was possessive of me even when we were alone and sleeping.

I kissed his nose and got up without waking him. I took a shower and started on breakfast.

We didn’t eat anything yesterday, so I knew he would be starved. I decided on French toast and pancakes.

He always said he loved waking to the smell of French toast. I had to admit, I made exceptional French toast.

While I was pouring the batter for the pancakes, the door bell rang. I sprinted quietly to the door to stop whoever was there from ringing again.

Before I answered the door I saw who it was through the window. This was going to be no fun at all.

“Hi, Jacob.” I said as I opened the door.

He smiled and leaned against the door frame.

“Hey, Bells. I called your cell but you didn’t pick up. Your dad said you were still living at the Cullen’s place, but I thought you might be here.”

“How did you know I’d be here? No one knows that I live here except for my family.”

“Don’t you consider me your family, Bells?” Jacob pouted.

I rolled my eyes and playfully swatted his arm. I heard rustling from behind me.

“Bella?” Edward called.

Jacob stiffened noticeably. His jaw was set and his eyes were black.

I turned away from Jacob, not wanting to see anymore.

“In here, Edward.”

He came around the corner, changed in some pajama pant and no shirt. The cut on his chest didn’t look as bad as I had thought. I was too worried when I first saw it, and made it worse than I had previously thought.

When Edward saw Jacob the smile on his face disappeared. He shuffled over with tired legs and wrapped an arm around my waist.

“Morning, love.” Edward murmured before kissing my temple.

I saw Jacob clench his fists and he looked like he was about to jump at Edward. I had to calm things down.

“There’s breakfast in the kitchen, Edward. I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

Edward shot a glare at Jacob before kissing my lips and walking off.

“Why is he here?” Jacob asked.

“This is his home,” I said calmly.

“No, I mean, why is he here? He’s supposed to be in war.”

“He was let go early. He has medical degrees, so he was sent back to work here.”

“That’s not right,” Jacob spat.

“What do you mean?” I shot back with just as much malice in my voice.

“Other people have to stay for years. He just gets to walk away?”

“Jacob, I don’t want to fight about this. He didn’t just ‘walk away’ there were deals and contracts made so he could leave to help here.”

Jacob’s nostrils flared in disagreement. I sighed, almost inaudibly.

“Do you want to come in?” I asked.

“No thanks, I just wanted to see if you were free today. I guess you aren’t considering you’re with your husband.”

He hissed the word husband and gave a glare through the wall to the kitchen. I heard Edward chuckle behind me.

I rolled my eyes and stifled a giggle.

“Sorry, Jake, maybe another time.”

His expression grew soft at the sound of me using his nickname. I had been rather rude to him lately, and I did feel bad.

“Yeah, maybe.” he said with a smile.

His eyes told me he wanted to say more, but he turned away and walked down the little cobblestone path to his car.

I shut the door after I waved him off. In a way I did miss my old friend. The Jacob I could turn to if I couldn’t be with Edward. The Jacob who knew what say when he slipped up and called someone an inappropriate name.

I sighed as I walked into the kitchen. Edward had a plate for me next to his.

“Good to know you’re still turning him down.” Edward said with a full mouth.

I dabbed the sides of his mouth with the napkin on the table and kissed his cheek.

“What do you mean?”

“He’s got the hots for you, Bella.” he said with a chuckle.

“Come on, Edward. Don’t rub it in. Besides, I thought you hated it when other guys look at me.”

“Ugh, I do, I can’t stand it. But I know that you love me more than anyone else, and I have nothing to worry about.”

“That’s good, because I only have the hots for you.” I said nuzzling his nose.

He kissed me, hard and long. His mouth was like a drug, and I had been without for far too long.

In a flash I was in his arms. He sprinted with me down the hall, as fast as possible without jostling me, or removing his lips.

He threw me onto the bed and I giggled as his lips retreated back to mine.

Yes. I definitely had the hots for Edward.
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